Home perfume Sea Side

100 ml

The home perfume is available in several scents.

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  Our ingredients are from organic farming *

* between 20% and 100%



As a spray, the home perfume allows you to personalize all your rooms of a subtly fragrances to create your own atmosphere.

Senteurs du Sud offers you a different scent each month : mimosa, violet, citron, olive wood, hill, cherry, lavender, sea side, fig, vine fruit, chestnut and honey.

Using advice

According to the moments or your desires, you can dose the intensity of the perfume by vaporising, always in the direction of the ceiling. Thanks to a daily utilisation, the fragrance envelop curtains, carpets ans cushions in a few days.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the foot of a mimosa in front of the Mediterranean on a sunny afternoon of January.


Delight yourself with the deicate fragrance of the violet; warm and elegant it flowers and colours February.


Let invade you by the sparkling and refreshing scent of citron. It perfumes our Mediterranean gardens in March with a fruity and sweet fragrance.

Olive wood

Walk across sunny olive trees whith their silver leafes which shine and smell this woody smell of April.


The addictive smell of flowery and woody hill of May.


Relax, lie down at the foot of tree while enjoying a cherry, rich and sweet fruit of June.


Admire lavender sunny fields of Jully in the beautiful county of Provence and smell its delicate perfume.

Sea side

Walk along the shore in August and take a deep breath of marine freshness.


Admire the rich and refined fruits of Fig tree in the gardens of September. Melancholic fragrance, the fig tree is synonymous of our childhood.

Vine fruit

Take a stroll in the vines of October. Its fruits full of sunlight slowly mature in our beautiful Provence.


Find the pleasent scent of chestnut in the paths of November, fruity and vanilla it announces the coming of winter.


The comforting smell of honey, soft and sweet capture your winter day of December.